About Us

About Dunblane First Responders

Who we are

Set up in the late 2000's, we are a group of locals who volunteer our spare time to help save lives in the community as First Responders. We are dispatched by the Scottish Ambulance Service to a certain category of calls, usually those which are most life threatening, i.e. Cardia Arrest, Stroke & Asthma attacks.

A significant part of our community work focuses on helping the community through the placement of Public Access Defibrillators (PADS), and to date the City of Dunblane has a total of 7 PADS, soon to be 8 with the new one based at the Braeport Centre (Late 2017). 

What is a First Responder?

A first responder is a volunteer who is trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service to respond to medical emergencies within their local community. They are trained and equipped to provide assistance to those with medical emergencies but most importantly to start and maintain the chain of survival until the support of a full ambulance crew arrives.

What training do First Responders receive?
All first responders undergo a four day training course with a final assessment and ongoing training throughout the year.
In addition to our intensive initial training provided by the Scottish Ambulance Service, we hold regular monthly training nights to help keep our skills up and for new volunteers to come along and meet the team.

How are First Responders dispatched to calls?

Upon receiving a 999 call, the Scottish Ambulance Service Control Centre will assess the type of call and then dispatch the on-duty first responder.

More information on the Scottish Ambulance First Responder scheme can be found on the following link.


Like all other charities, we depend on donations to keep up our vital work in the community. We want to thank everyone who has donated to us so far, your contributions have ensured the City of Dunblane and surrounding areas are equipped to deal with life threatening emergencies.